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Strategic plan released

The Club board recently gave final approval for the 2020-23 Strategic Plan. This is an important milestone, and sets the path towards celebrating our thirtieth anniversary in 2023. The process helped us to define the Vision, Mission and Values of our Club.

The Club have already started to take actions to realise our Vision as The Community Hub. We have reinforced that the purpose of our Club is to build genuine and lasting community connections between people in the local region.

The new Strategic Plan also makes clear our Mission to provide a safe, inclusive place to connect the community. We take pride in providing a safe, accessible venue to all members of our diverse regional community and we want our Club to provide that service even more successfully in the future.

Our new plan is a road map to a successful, sustainable and community-engaged future. Over the coming months we will talk more about the ideas and initiatives in the plan. 

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